C.R. Alsip has been blessed with (2) new family members. It is know that our guitars are built with love & pride, that’s the way it was from day one. With the addition of Jake Smith & Robbie Youngbauer brings even more! Finding Jake S. & Robbie made moving the shop to West Texas worth while.
The guys from C.R. Alsip Guitars made a quick road trip to Austin, TX to hang out with Firehouse & deliver Bill’s newest guitar so it could be debuted at the Enchanted Rock Fest ~ Cedar Park Center ~ Austin, TX 4/24/16. The show was amazing & the guys mingled amongst the crowd showing off some of Bill’s
Made up of only three luthiers, CR Alsip Guitars is “tiny” by design. “We plan to stay small because we believe that once a company grows in size, then the quality of the instruments suffers,” says founder and owner, Jake Willoughby. This young Kansas-based company came into the world in January of 2012, soon after

Tesla To Release New Music This Summer

Tesla were in the studio this week recording a new song, “Taste My Pain,” at bassist Brian Wheat’s J Street Recorders studio. The group reveals that they have plans to releasing the song digitally as a single sometime this summer and include it on a forthcoming album, which they’re aiming to release in 2014. “[Singer]