What makes a C R Alsip different from other brands:


Sustain Enhancement System (SES)

SES on guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo

Copper Shielding

We use real copper shielding... not paint

Sustain Enhancement System (SES)

SES on guitar equipped with stop tail piece bridge

Sustain Enhancement System (SES)

The C.R. Alsip SES is what sets the standard in great guitar tone. The team at C.R. Alsip Guitars has created the best tone and sustain enhancing system produced on this earth. This feature is Patent Pending and exclusive to C.R. Alsip Guitars. This is offered on all guitars. It is a brass block located under the bridge of the guitar to enhance sustain.

Neck-Thru Design

Our guitars are straight neck-thru design without the common 3 degree tilt which allows straight string pull and allows lower action for unparalleled playability.

Lowered Stop-Tail-Piece Bridge

Our stop tail piece guitars have the bridge and the tailpiece recessed into the guitar to allow for low action and to also have the same feel of a tremolo guitar. We listened to many guitar players who wanted a stop tail piece guitar but did not like how high they set up off of the body. With our system they set the same height as a standard tremolo or a Floyd Rose would.

Ultra-Low Action = Ultra Playability

Our guitars are setup to have the lowest action possible! This allows players to set it to whatever they desire, extremely low or extremely high and you will get the same sound either way without that annoying rattle.

Drop-Top Build Option

One of the unique aspects that are offered on our guitars is the "Drop-Top". A lot of manufacturers have carved top or flat maple tops that are glued across the entire front of the guitar, our "Drop Tops" are inlayed tops from various exotic woods. We route out the top of the guitar the same shape as the body with a 12mm lip and drop in the solid top and then they either get our unique wrap around paint job, transparent paint or oil finish. This gives the guitar a unique look and sound.

Copper Shielding in Electronics Cavity

We use copper shielding, not paint. Copper shielding eliminates most pickup noise & makes the guitar quieter through high gain amps.

Hot Rodded is Our "Stock"

Our guitars need no upgrades, CR Alsip guitar are professional grade instruments & leave our shop ready to tour the world. We "Hot Rod" them to the max & are made to be played!

"Broken In" Feel

Our guitars feel broken in! We are told all the time by gigging guitarists that CR Alsip guitars play like a well broken in guitar from day one! We believe it has to do with the way we dress our frets & how we do our fret work. Some how we make our new guitars feel like an old classic!