Meet the newest faces at C.R. Alsip Guitars

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C.R. Alsip has been blessed with (2) new family members. It is know that our guitars are built with love & pride, that’s the way it was from day one. With the addition of Jake Smith & Robbie Youngbauer brings even more! Finding Jake S. & Robbie made moving the shop to West Texas worth while. With Jake Smith’s back ground in business management & finishing plus Robbie’s hands on capabilities & engineering back ground the sky is the limit. Stay tuned for what’s to come from C.R. Alsip Guitars!

Jake Smith (Left) & Jake Willoughby (Right)

Jake Smith (Left) &
Jake Willoughby (Right)

Robbie Youngbauer sanding on a Tejas Model.

Robbie Youngbauer sanding on a Tejas Model.

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